Small Food Container

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SKU: 18001

Quantity Per Case: 400.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 140 x 143 x 52mm

Case Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):  32 x 64 x 60cm

Color: White: Others colours available
Manufactured without CFC's.

Ritepak’s small food container is designed to neatly pack a hamburger or small sized food portions with greater ease and economy than ever before. Ever wondered how to transport food while maintaining its appeal? Try the hamburger box and you won’t go wrong. Targeting the catering and hospitality market, its unique design ensures the food content stays hot, fresh and presentable. This product widely appeals to restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals and fast food catering houses. Made from high quality polystyrene, the box is strong, sturdy and 100% recyclable. Take the hassle away from food catering by ordering the little hamburger box that promises to put a big smile on your customers’ faces.

While currently available in one size, Ritepak is working to develop multiple sizes to accommodate our customers demand for varied food portions.

The hamburger box is produced in white color. Special colors are available on order.