17004 Punnet

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SKU: 17004

Quantity Per Case: 400.
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 
184 x 235 x 29mm

Case Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):  33 x 44 x 60cm
Color: White: Others colours available
Manufactured without CFC's.

Ritepak’s hygienic vegetable and fruit packaging trays present a beautiful array of  contents that is appealing to the eye and easy to display. It brings the fruits and vegetables to life with its contrasting colours while maintaining the integrity of its contents. Because of its inert nature,polystyrene will not breakdown or contaminate the contents of  the packaging trays leaving the fruits and vegetables clean and fresher for longer.

The trays can be used by both intermediate and final vendors who are looking into expanding their market share with light weight and cost effective packaging products. The trays are suitable for fruit and vegetable farmers, supermarkets and market vendors. The trays are a cost effective substitute to multiple polyethylene bags and other plastic trays.

The vegetable punnets are white in color.