15 Pcs Egg Carton

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SKU: 16001

Quantity Per Case: 200.
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 
153 x 204 x 42mm

Case Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):  33 x 55 x 85cm
Color: White: Others colours available
Manufactured without CFC's.

Ritepak’s egg carton containers provide superior protection for eggs preventing breakage during transportation as foam is shock absorbent. Made of high quality polystyrene, the foam cartons are more cost effective and environment friendly than other egg packaging forms are they are made up of 97% air and therefore require less material. Because of its inert nature,polystyrene will not breakdown or contaminate the of the products it comes into.

The trays can be used by both intermediate and final vendors who are looking into expanding their market share with light weight and cost effective packaging products. The cartons are manufactured to carry small to large chicken, duck, geese or quail eggs. Suitable for poultry farmers and supermarkets, the trays are a cost effective substitute for clear plastic, polyethylene and paper products used to pack eggs.

The cartons are white in color. Special carton colors are available on order.

The egg cartons come in two sizes; 6 pack and 15 pack.