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Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Positions available: 1
Start date: 2014-05-15

Job Description

This is a front office position that involves a broad range of responsibilities that will support the smooth running of the office. You will be the first point of contact between us and the world. As a result this position needs a personality that is highly attuned to the social graces needed to welcome, engage, encourage or even have a firm hand with our clients, vendors or visitors while having that trademark smile that doesn’t fade.


Think this is you… read on…...


You will be expected to be a forward thinker and take charge or fill in where you see obvious gaps in all levels. We are looking for an individual who will grow into their shoes and take up space as the organization grows.

The flexibility to work at odd hours or quickly adapt to new situations, jobs or assignments will be an added bonus. You will literally be juggling…eggs… Please try not to drop any.


This job is about personality, personality and more personality.


Essential duties

·        Maintaining office supplies inventory and anticipating need.

·        Placing and expediting orders for supplies and  verifying receipt of supplies.

·        Reconciling basic account expenses and bookeeping

·       Supporting the sales team

·        First point of contact between potential clients, vendors and visitors

·       Occasional errands


Skills and qualifications

·        1-3 years experience working in the front office. Internships are accepted

·        Demonstrated front office skills. Must have a pleasant demeanor and have experience dealing with clients

·        Advanced diploma or recent graduate

·        Accounting experience.  Quickbooks knowledge  will be a bonus

·        Adaptable and willing to work within other job functions

·        Demonstrated competence in Microsoft Office and Excel software and other office tools

·        Fluent in both English and Kiswahili

·        Excellent communication and report writing skills


Please include a cover letter with a statement on why you believe you are the best candidate for the job.

Also include you expected level of remuneration.

How To Apply

Apply Now

Please email:

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