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Field Sales Experts

Field Sales Experts

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Positions available: 10
Start date: 2014-04-15

Job Description

It’s an exciting time to be in the Sales Development Department at RitePak. We are hyper focused on growing sustainably and with flair. Come work with us to grow this new market for RitePak’s innovative products.

The Sales team works across RitePak supporting Product, Operations, Marketing, and Finance, while also pursuing sales and developing new relationships.

This is a perfect position for someone who knows how to work fast and smart. You know the difference between spending time wisely and wasting time.

Want to bring mandazi’s for the staff each morning? Okay, fine, that last one’s not required, but you can’t blame us for taking a shot. 


The Role:

Working in a dynamic and passionate team, our Field Sales Experts will be working to establish a strong RitePak presence in the Market. You will be rapidly expanding our line of new products

As part of this entrepreneurial team, you will actively work on growing our market in Kenya in close collaboration with all functions (e.g., Marketing, Operations, Finance and others) and reporting to the Sales and Marketing Manager. You share the opportunities and challenges of the market, and execute tactical initiatives based on the priorities by the Sales and Marketing Manager in collaboration with other functions.

You take an entrepreneurial approach, are highly results driven and target focused and you are a fast mover. You have a wide range of talents, and significant experience in different functions, such as marketing, operations, partnerships and key account management. You can work as an individual contributor, but are also a great team player, capable of working in cross-functional teams.




·         Field travel to sell and market products

·         Assist in the implementation of the market strategy, by providing local insights and working with counterparts in other departments

·         Be the local expert in your market; know the areas, the community, key stakeholders and influencers

·         Be able to run small to medium sized events at the targeted markets

·         Identify potential customers

·         Explore and execute business development opportunities (sponsorships, partnerships, and co-marketing promotions, influencers)

·         Grow a clientele of passionate customers by educating, engaging and getting them excited about RitePak products




·         Recent graduate with a sales\marketing degree or 3 years of experience in sales, marketing, or related area

·         Ability to network, engage and influence people

·         Event coordination

·         Strong project management skills

·         Background in marketing, business development, sales, communication, product development, account management

·         Analytical skills

·         Comfortable with pressure, ambiguity and takes initiatives to drive impact in small entrepreneurial teams

·         Very strong Oral and written communication skills


Please include a cover letter with a statement on why you believe you are the best candidate for the job.

Also include your expected level of remuneration.

How To Apply

Apply Now

Please email:

Recycling Polystyrene

RitePak will institute programs to reclaim polystyrene which is a valuable resource for production of new products. Most single-use, coated paperboard foodservice packaging materials are not recycled because the coating and paper cannot be separated economically.

The program will offer bins to collect polystyrene products for recycling. The bins will be located at strategic points throughout business centres and residential neighbourhoods.

Recycling helps promote energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources.

Designed with Food Safety in Mind

The food safety benefits of polystyrene foodservice packaging are undisputed. The anti-bacterial properties that polystyrene foodservice products offer can help in providing sanitary foodservice and preventing the spread of disease. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that regulates the safety of food-contact packaging, has approved the use of polystyrene since 1958.